Keystone Assistance Dogs

Our Lifelines Have Leashes


Services We Offer

Group Training Classes

6 weeks

Offers basic manners for in and around the house.






-Leave it

And social skills like sitting for pets and walking quietly on the leash.

8 weeks

Picks up where beginner left off. Focusing on polishing up those skills especially with distractions.


-Heel to finish

-Place on less sturdy surfaces

The goal for the end of this course is to take and pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test

Puppy Kindergarten
6 weeks

Focus on socialization and basic puppy skills.

-Name recognition

-Watch me



-No barking, biting, or jumping

-Leave it

-Correct play

Specialty Classes
(Must provide proof of a prior beginner level course from any facility)

Canine Crossfit
8 weeks

Strength training and fitness class.

-Work on balance

-Core conditioning



Intro to Scent work
6 weeks

Introducing basic AKC scent work. We do handler discrimination and not oils. 

Beginner Agility
6 weeks

Working on the basics of agility training.

-Low jumps