Keystone Assistance Dogs

Our Lifelines Have Leashes

KAD Watson

KAD Watson is a four-year-old black Labrador service dog. He has completed his CGC, CGC Community Canine, CGC Urban, and his Trick Dog Int. He is an amazing service dog for his handler and is one of the demonstration dogs used often at events. He is truly a once in a lifetime dog.

KAD Honey

KAD Honey was placed as an in-home ESA. She is doing an amazing job helping her young boy with autism. She goes to training classes regularly and loves being a skilled family pet 

KAD Ollivander

Ollivander graduated in 2020. He has a mobility and psychiatric service dog.
A message from his handler " He is the most spoiled loved dog ever. Anywhere he goes people cannot handle how well behaved and adorable he is. He loves my cat more than anything in the world, it is so cute they are always cuddling with each other and stealing the bed or couch. I’m so lucky to have him."

KAD Hazel

Hazel graduated in December 2021. She is a psychiatric service dog for her handler who is a student at North Alabama University. She is so loved and loves getting spoiled with pup-cups

KAD Cypress

Cypress is a 2 year old rockstar. He will do light mobility and psychiatric service work for his teen handler as she navigates school and social life. Cypress is set to graduate Summer 2022

KAD Umbriel 

Umbriel is a young poodle mix who went to be with her handler Febuary 2022. She is a diabetic alert dog. Her handler had this to say  "To say they saved my life would be an understatement. From the moment Umbriel was born I received constant updates and pictures and actually felt involved in her raising. Umbriel has proven her worth 10-fold by alerting to my low blood sugars before they even happen. You can definitely tell by her willingness to please and gentle demeanor that she was raised with love, compassion, and consistency. I will always recommend KAD for anyone looking for a quality service dog or SDiT. 11/10 my favorite people."

KAD Koach

Koach is a sassy springer spaniel who is training with us to be a psychiatric service dog for his handler. Koach is set to graduate in 2023

KAD Luke

Luke is a light mobility and psych dog for his handler. Luke is a very serious poodle and loves his job. Luke joined his handler October 2018.

Career Changed

KAD Apaa

Appa was career changed when we decided service work was not for him. He joined a trainer who was able to get him into bite sports and FastCat as well as other sports. 

KAD Amalthea 

Amalthea was career changed as a pet after we noticed some morning stiffness and x-rays showed hip problems. It is always so hard to rehome these amazing pups but she is so happy in her pet home where she gets to swim often which is easy on her joints.