Keystone Assistance Dogs

Our Lifelines Have Leashes

Keystone Assistance Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to training dogs to give Freedom, Dignity, and Independence to those who have difficulty with management of their disabilities.

If you have a disability that limits your ability to perform major life task you are eligible to have a service dog under federal laws in the US

A service dog is not considered a pet. 

It is required for daily functions. 

Our service dogs are trained to customize to your individual needs. 

Often a person has one or more issues concerning their disability. 

We provide dogs equipped with the skills and training to not only be good service dogs but also good family pets.  

We take great care to train and place a dog that works best for the family and their handler. 

Keystone Assistance Dogs
"Our lifelines have leashes"

We have been working with Keystone Assistance Dogs since April 2019. They have been so helpful in problem solving and getting my service dog in training back on track. We love our weekly chats with Sabrina and their adorable demo dog Watson

Emma & KAD Sprout